Men are very sceptical about their beard length. And why won’t they be? It is the beard that gives them the perfect face shape. But the funny thing is, sometimes they are way confused about the length that should suit them. So, one thing that you can do is try out different beard lengths; else, you can go for a beard trim in Denver to see which is the perfect style that would suit your style. Plus, investing in good facial hair is always an investment. It is an art that you yourself may not be able to give yourself. Most importantly, visiting a barber shop is, of course, safer than you trimming or cutting your beard or hair. 

Therefore, after a lot of research, we have come across the fact that the Mug Shoppe is one of the best barber shops in Denver. So, if you are a resident of Denver and up for the best mens haircut in Denver, then visiting the Mug Shoppe is the best thing that you can do. But, in this article, we are going to see a specific guide that will guide you in your journey of keeping the best length of beard. So, if you are interested, keep reading! 

Which Beard Style is going to Suit You the Best? Decide for Yourself!

We are going to give you a perfect beard guide, so watch out! 

Beard guide # 1: A stubble beard!

A stubble beard also goes by the name of a five o’clock shadow. This has been seen as slovenly, and it is also a sign that you don’t really take care of your personal health. But then, times are changing, and so is the thought process of everyone around you. The stubble beard is now becoming a trend that nearly everyone is following. According to research, it is more manly without a face full of hair. The length of this type of beard is between 0.5mm to 4mm, with 2.5mm being obviously the ideal length of it. 

Basically, if you are always in a 9-5 environment and you have a round face, then it is possible that keeping a stubble beard is a good option. With this beard trim in Denver, you can give your baby face a turnover, a more manly one. 

Beard guide # 2: A short Beard!

It is a bit long step for a stubble beard, although it is rugged. This type of beard suits them best who have a good growth of facial hair. If you have patchy facial hair, this will further highlight the gaps, which is certainly going to give you a more handsome look. Well, in the beginning, you might feel that it is coming out a bit odd, but we can certainly say you that after good growth, it is going to hide your patchy parts, and you are going to be in your best form. 

This is a style that is favoured mainly among office goers and modern men because it is easy to maintain. This gives you the space of maintaining a professional air while you are still rocking your manliness. Moreover, we can assure you that this type of beard can be kept by men of every shape. It will suit whoever wants to keep it. Depending upon the length, it will accentuate and even elongate different parts of your face. 

Beard guide # 3: A tailored beard!

It is a beard style that is usually less rugged and more kempt but is short and subtle. It is basically a full facial coverage but, of course, neat. This type of facial hair gives out a more sexy, versatile, and manly vibe. It also says that you are great at taking care of your personal hygiene. If you are working in a smart environment, this type of beard trim in Denver will be absolutely best for you. 

A quick wrap-up!

Be it a good beard trim in Denver or a mens haircut in Denver, it is always meant to be in the best barber shop near you. So, if you are from Denver, we may say that the Mug Shoppe is the best option for you. Surely you are going to enjoy visiting them.